Gouda is CowSwap native token. Users can own Gouda tokens by swapping them in PancakeSwap or CowSwap or staking in CowSwap or farming in CowSwap.
Token Name: CowSwap Token
Symbol: GOUDA
Decimal: 18
Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
Smart Contract Address: 0x14B06bF2C5B0AFd259c47c4be39cB9368ef0be3f​
Total Supply: Unlimited
Initial Supply: 10,000,000 GOUDA
Additional Function: Mint (from Farm and Staking only), Burn
About GOUDA Supply:
About GOUDA Burn:
  • Buyback and burn 55% GOUDA tokens immediately when users buy Fair Sales.
  • Burn 50% GOUDA tokens when users participate in Lucky Draw.
  • Burn GOUDA tokens used to purchase Cow Lottery (100%) & Cow NFT (70%).
  • Checkout the proofs here.