Lucky Draw

Games with completely new logic on blockchain 🧮🎲💎


We bring a Lucky Draw with new logic on blockchain!
🎁 Lucky Draw prizes are 500 - 100 - 50 - 10 - 5 GOUDA tokens & Big Jackpot.
Cowboys can use GOUDA to play Lucky Draw and have a chance to win these prizes:
  • Prize 500 GOUDA tokens - 4 GOUDA/spin
  • Prize 100 GOUDA tokens - 2 GOUDA/spin
  • Prize 50 GOUDA tokens - 1 GOUDA/spin
  • Prize 10 GOUDA tokens - 1 GOUDA/spin
  • Prize 5 GOUDA tokens - 1 GOUDA/spin
  • Prize Big Jackpot - 1 GOUDA/spin
Cowboys who received NFT MAGIC from our last event can have the chance to win the Big Jackpot:
  • Prize Big Jackpot - 1 NFT MAGIC/ 10 spins
  • Other prizes will not be applicable.
🏆 Big Jackpot prize have init 1000 GOUDA tokens and will be accrued from 20% GOUDA tokens of Cowboys participating in Lucky Draw.
Cowboys who win Big Jackpot prize have the option to receive the prize immediately or hold it until the value of the prize is higher.
During the prize holding period, winning Cowboy will get NFT Big Jackpot & can stake it to earn more GOUDA or trade on NFT market🧀🧀🧀
❌ But if during the time you hold the prize, another Cowboy wins the Big Jackpot and receives it immediately, your prize will be reset to 1000 GOUDA tokens 💣
💿Cowboys can spin multiple times in 1 transaction with a maximum of 200 spins.
🔥🔥🔥50% GOUDA tokens of Cowboys participating in Lucky Draw will burn immediately.
Each Cowboy whose total amount of GOUDA used to participate in Lucky Draw is greater than 100 000 GOUDA tokens will receive 1000 GOUDA back.
The first Cowboy to receive Jackpot prize will be the winner player with a prize of 29 000 GOUDA tokens.
Winning Cowboys who have transactions on Lucky Draw's contract will receive their prizes immediately.
Timeline: COMING SOON!